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  1. Paul says:

    Hey Rob,
    Cool site! I noticed that the Wilson brands listed are cheaper compared to the Spaldings. Is there any real difference in the quality or is it just because of branding? Thank you for listing your pick for the preseason All-American Team. Pretty cool that you are listing 6 players comprising both 3 guards and 3 forwards

    1. admin says:

      Thank you. Do you have any recommendations on how I can promote the shopping center and how to get people to visit it? Thanks again

    2. I would recommend the Spalding NeverFlat Grip Indoor/Outdoor Basketball, 29.5 inch ball. $21.53. It is very good for in the gym or outside surfaces. Thanks for commenting. Very good grip.

  2. Tim says:

    It’s getting about time for a new basketball for me, loving the prices and details you’ve listed here.

    I’ve played basketball for fun most of my life so I definitely know the value of a good ball, one that doesn’t slip out of your hands. What is your personal favourite here?

    1. admin says:


      I would recommend the Spalding NeverFlat Grip Indoor/Outdoor Basketball, 29.5 inch ball. $21.53. It is very good for in the gym or outside surfaces. Thanks for commenting. Very good grip.

  3. bioelectrobot says:

    This is cool. I’ve never seen so many different types of basketballs. I like the way you’ve organized this page. If I need a basketball, this is where I will come. I’ll mention this to others as well. Just curious, did you use any aspects of the Amazon Product Advertising API? This is great. It’s basically Amazon on your site. I like this because if I have specific needs I can come to a page like this knowing that I won’t need to be distracted by irrelevant items. I imagine this method is quite effective. Keep up the good work. Now I feel like shooting hoops. 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Thank you. I appreciate it alot. Regarding the API, I’m about to read up on it right now. Do you use it? and if you do how is it? Thanks for the comments.Best of luck.

  4. LakanDula says:

    Nice theme to your website, may I ask: what WordPress theme did you use? I’m looking to improve mine. Anyways, you got a great variety of items for sale, my cousin would like visiting your website, he’s a basketball person that visits hit local gym everyday. It’s one of the first things he does in gatherings, is get out his basketball.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks. I appreciate it. The theme is called WP Fanzone. You might have to search for it. I’m pretty sure i had to.

  5. WMcNeal40 says:

    In today’s economy everyone is looking for the ease of shopping. At a glance, anyone can find exactly what they could be shopping in the sport of basketball.

    In The Gym Range appears to have it all; from the balls, the per-season rankings and the reviews; high schools, college and pros.

    Good looking site.


    1. admin says:

      Thank you. I appreciate it. Best of luck.

  6. Tar says:

    Howdy Rob. First of all, about the ball, I notice that there are different colours like green/yellow apart from the normal brown .

    I am just wondering, is there like a colour category? I mean, for example, a yellow is for semi-pro and green is used by the juniors?

    Also, is Spalding used in NBA? That’s the sponsorship for the Championship I assume.

    1. admin says:

      Hello, Yes Spalding is the official ball of the NBA. In regards to the different colors of the balls. The colors don’t mean anything. Many middle schools etc.. use different colored balls because the students like them. The reason I know is because I am a teacher. When looking to buy a ball I would recommend one that is for indoor/outdoor use. Thank you for your questions.

  7. kelechukwu22 says:

    Hey RGiannotti,

    I just read your rumor report of February. I don’t think that they should have fired Derek Fisher, because it seem like he was just finding his footing as head coach. Also I think whatever team picks up Ryan Anderson will have a potent scorer. He just needs a team that is willing to make him the secondary scorer. I think Boston is a perfect match for Ryan Anderson. Blake Griffin isn’t going anywhere, even with the problems he has been having. He is who the Clippers want to build there franchise on, and hopefully Brooklyn can find a answer, because there going nowhere quick

    1. Rob Giannotti says:

      You made some very good comments.

  8. npern says:

    Hey Rob,
    This is a sweet site! I have the Spalding Never Flat Soft Grip ball and I always use it when we go to the gym and hoop it up. It has a nice feel when shooting and a good grip on the dribble. I like the emphasis on March Madness. It’s one of my favorite times on the sports calendar! Going to have to get my brackets going next week. Great job!

    1. Rob Giannotti says:

      Thank you. I appreciate it. We are doing a big tournament preview coming soon.Come back to the site and read it. Best of luck to you.

  9. Rich says:

    This is a great site with a lot to offer. It is a site that has good pictures. I would make your blog the main information not what you are selling. It looks like you have had the website for a while. That will help with getting people to your website. But overall your website looks good with a lot of good information.

    1. Rob Giannotti says:

      Hello, thank you very much. I have had it for a little more than 5 months. I am still learning everyday. Thank you for your input and best of luck to you.

  10. Barry says:

    I am surprised by the cost of these basketballs. I thought they would cost much more.

    What kid, heck I do, wouldn’t want a ball that glows in the dark? I like to shop online and don’t care if I ever walk into a store again and sites like yours do give me a helping hand to be a hermit.

    Maybe one day delivery of these items can get down to hours instead of days. Isn’t Amazon working on that?

    The different colors offer a wide range of choices. When I was a kid you have one choice. Nice variety.

    1. Rob Giannotti says:

      Thank you. I appreciate it. I was thinking exactly the same thing about amazon and all oter online stores. I’m sure in a few years one company will be able to have day to door delivery. It is only a matter of time. Best of luck to you.

  11. Jaime says:

    Okay so I am looking at the prices of some of the basketballs you have to offer, and I am a little confused by your pricing.

    How are some of these Spalding and Wilson basketballs to inexpensive? I believe some on your website are around the $20 range, which seems strange to me as some of these balls sell for around $60 in most stores. Maybe I am mistaken.

    1. Rob Giannotti says:

      Hello, I am not sure which basketballs you are referring too. However, we are part of an affiliate program with a few companies. We always get recommended for very good sales on our products. This is why you might be seeing very good prices on products. Thank you for commenting and visiting our website.


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