The following article will entail how the specific players fared in college and how he is fairing in the NBA at the present moment, or in some cases playing overseas and even retired. In-depth profiles on each player will be presented. The player’s freshmen statistics will be provided as well as their career NBA averages in particular categories. Here is our “One And Done College Basketball Players” for the 2012 NBA Draft.


#1 Pick: Anthony Davis  PF/C    College Averages: 14.2PTS, 10.4REB, 4.7BLK, 1.3AST, 1.3STL (Consensus National Player of the Year)

anthony davis

Anthony Davis shooting

New Orleans Hornets
Kentucky (Fr.)         Career NBA Averages: 20PTS, 9.6REB, 2.5BLK, 1.6AST, 1.3STL

SYNOPSIS: While organizations and teams spend the whole year scouting Collegiate and European players, they all search for the next superstar. Fortunately for the New Orleans Pelicans they won the draft lottery. No hesitation was made when the pick had to be in. They selected the next NBA superstar. Anthony Davis is that good. The 6’10” PF/C is as unique a player as you’ll ever see on a basketball court. Being able to dominate inside on both ends of the floor, Davis has expanded his offensive game to the point where he consistently makes 15-18 foot jump shots.

Averaging at least 20PTS and 10REB the last 3 seasons for New Orleans, he is as dominant a player this side of LeBron James. In fact, if this author was picking an NBA team from scratch there would be a lot of discussion if he would be the number 1 selection. Ahead of LeBron? Yes. Davis is the next superstar in this league and just sit back and watch him dominate. The only downfall is that New Orleans is an average basketball team who has started the 2015-16 terribly. It is imperative that the organization gets more help around him. On July 9, 2015, Davis signed a five-year, $145 million contract extension with the Pelicans. He is a must watch player.

#2 Pick: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist SF       College Averages: 11.9PTS, 7.4REB, 1.9AST,1STL
Charlotte Bobcats
Kentucky (Fr.)                                       Career NBA Averages: 8.5PTS, 6.5REB, 1.5AST


Michael Kidd-Gilchrist dunking

SYNOPSIS: A teammate of Davis while winning the 2012 NCAA Championship at Kentucky, Kidd-Gilchrist is regarded as one on the best on-ball defenders in the NBA. However, it is on the offensive end where he needs work. Ugly doesn’t adequately characterize his jump-shot. It is horrendous. He has been working with former NBA player Mark Price on his form.

A former high school teammate of Cleveland All-Star PG Kyrie Irving, Kidd-Gilchrist is a 100% max effort player each time he steps on the floor. 2015-16 was supposed to be his coming out party, however in a preseason game in early October he separated his shoulder, which ended up requiring surgery. The coming out party will have to wait until next season as he will be out for the year. In August 2015, he signed a 4 year, 52 million dollar contract with the Hornets, ensuring his long term stay in Charlotte.

#3 Pick: Bradley Beal  SG       College Averages: 14.8PTS, 6.7REB, 2.2AST, 1.4STL
Washington Wizards
Florida (Fr.)                             Career NBA Averages: 15.6PTS, 3.8REB, 3.1AST, 1.2STL

SYNOPSIS: The 6’5″ shooting guard out of the University of Florida is one of the best up and coming players in the NBA. Joining All-Star PG John Wall in the back-court the Wizards have perhaps the youngest, most talented set of guards in the Eastern Conference. Beal has gotten the injury bug the last few seasons and for the Wizards to take the next step into the forefront of the Eastern Conference standings it is imperative Beal is healthy and plays to his capabilities. Beal is capable of taking his scoring average from the 15’s into the 20’s and improving his overall game. If he does that this year, watch out for the Washington Wizards.

#9 Pick: Andre Drummond  C       College Averages: 10PTS, 7.6REB, 2.7BLK
Detroit Pistons
Connecticut (Fr.)                           Career NBA Averages: 12.1PTS, 11.8REB, 1.9BLK

andre drummond

Andre Drummond defending Kyrie Irving



SYNOPSIS: Considered raw coming out of the University of Connecticut Drummond has proven the naysayers wrong. Emerging as one of the best Centers in the NBA. Drummond should be a force for years to come. If he can fix his horrible free throw percentage (Career 39%) he should average at least 4-5 points more per game. With the dearth of quality centers in the league, it will not be a surprise to see the 6’11” 22 year old wearing multiple All-Star jerseys before his career is over. He is only scratching the surface of his potential and is the cornerstone of the Detroit Pistons organization.

#10 Pick: Austin Rivers  SG        College Averages: 15.5PTS, 3.4REB, 2.1AST, 1STL
New Orleans Hornets (from Minnesota via L.A. Clippers)
Duke (Fr.)                                    Career NBA Averages: 7PTS, 1.9REB, 2.1AST, 0.6AST


Austin Rivers dribbling while with New Orleans

SYNOPSIS: The one and done shooting guard from Duke is the son of his current coach, Doc Rivers. The limelight has been on Austin since he was a young teenager. Drafted by New Orleans, Rivers was part of a 3 team trade which landed him in Los Angeles and the Clippers. Currently playing PG/SG on the second unit he has shown the ability to score and make plays for his teammates, easing concerns that he was only playing cause his father was the coach. Coming off a solid postseason with the Clippers Rivers is a solid player with plenty of room to improve.





#15 Pick: Maurice Harkless  SF   College Averages: 15.5PTS, 8.6REB, 1.5AST, 1.6 STL , 1.4BLK
Philadelphia 76ers
St. John’s (Fr.)                  Career NBA Averages: 6.8PTS, 3.5REB, 0.8AST, 1.1STL, 0.6BLK

SYNOPSIS: Drafted by Philadelphia, Harkless was part of a blockbuster trade that sent Dwight Howard to the Lakers and Andrew Bynum to Philly. Harkless ended up in Orlando and had a very solid rookie year by averaging 8.2PTS and 4.4REB per game. The drafting of Victor Oladipo significantly reduced the 6’9″ former St. John’s player’s minutes and role with the team. Harkless fell out of favor in Orlando and on July 14, 2015 was traded to the Portland Trailblazers for a 2nd round pick. It was a good gamble by Portland as Harkless has a lot of natural talent and is still young enough to be a productive NBA player. Portland’s rebuilding situation should put Harkless in a spot to play enough minutes and hopefully realize that potential.

#25 Pick: Tony Wroten  PG

                                             College Averages: 16PTS, 5REB, 3.7AST, 1.9STL
Memphis Grizzlies
Washington (Fr.)                  Career NBA Averages: 11.2PTS, 2.5REB, 3AST, 1STL

SYNOPSIS: Playing sparing during his rookie year with Menphis, Wroten heard some very good news. He got traded to the lowly Philadelphia 76ers. For a rookie or a player looking to prove himself the one thing you need is playing time. The 6’6″ PG/SG from the  University of Washington got all the playing time he wanted as he’s coming off a very solid 2014-15. The left-handed Wroten averaged 16.0PTS and 5.2Ast in the 30 games he played before his season abruptly ended on January 23, 2015 with a partially torn ACL in his right knee. Just over 2 weeks ago Wroten was assigned to Philadelphia’s D-League associate team. This has more to do with Wroten working his way back from the torn ACL then playing bad. Once he gets healthy, expect the 22 year old to be back in Philly getting all the playing time he wants.

#29 Pick: Marquis Teague  PG   College Averages: 10PTS, 4.9AST, 2.5REB, 0.9STL
Chicago Bulls
Kentucky (Fr.)                             Career NBA Averages: 2.3PTS, 1.4AST, 1REB, 0.2STL

SYNOPSIS: The starting Point Guard and teammate of Davis and Kidd-Gilchrist last year at the University of Kentucky, Teague would have been better off staying in college. The younger brother of Atlanta Hawks All-Star PG Jeff Teague, Marquis was a sparingly used player in his 3 years in the league, playing for Chicago and Brooklyn. Averaging 3PTS and 1.4AST in 88 career NBA games doesn’t scream success. After being waived by Brooklyn he is now toiling in the NBA D-League hoping for another shot at the big leagues.

#38 Pick Quincy Miller  SF               College Averages: 10.6PTS, 4.9REB 1.4AST
Denver Nuggets (from Golden State via New York)
Baylor (Fr.)                                       Career NBA Averages: 5.3PTS, 2.4REB, 0.5AST, 0.4STL


Quincy Miller in college at Baylor University

SYNOPSIS: Rated the number 2 high school prospect behind eventual number 1 pick Anthony Davis, Miller had a steady freshmen year at Baylor. However, he ended up being just a name in a long number of prospects who leave college prematurely. Playing for 3 NBA teams and a total of 69 games, Miller eventually played himself out of the league and in October, 2015 Miller signed with a Serbian team for the rest of the 2015-16 campaign. Another player who if he stayed in college had a chance to be a high first-round pick a year or 2 later. Unfortunately for Quincy Miller, the road back to the NBA will be a long one.






What do you think about the One and Done players in this draft class?

With Anthony Davis clearly being the best player in this draft, who would you have as the number 2 pick and why?

Are there any players in this article who you believe are underrated or overrated?

Do you think Bradley Beal is a potential All-Star in the future? Why or Why not?

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