The following article will entail how the specific players fared in college and how he is fairing in the NBA at the present moment, or in some cases playing overseas and even retired. In-depth profiles on each player will be presented. The player’s freshmen statistics will be provided as well as their career NBA averages in particular categories. Here is our “One And Done College Basketball Players” for 2013.



Anthony Bennett while playing for Cleveland Cavaliers

#1 Pick: Anthony Bennett  PF/SF                                College Averages: 16.1PTS, 8.1REB, 1.2BLK
Cleveland Cavaliers
UNLV (Fr.)                                                                        Career NBA Averages: 4.7PTS, 3.4REB, 0.2BLK

SYNOPSIS: A very surprising number 1 overall pick Bennett has been very disappointing in his brief NBA career. Averaging 4.2PTS and 3.0Reb his rookie year, Bennett was included in the August 23, 2014 blockbuster trade which included Andrew Wiggins and Kevin Love. Bennett ended up in Minnesota with hopes that his rookie year was an aberration, however his lackluster play continued. Bennett was waived this past September.  His hometown Toronto Raptors signed him right after he was waived and is currently averaging 1.3PTS and 1.7 REB. Anthony Bennett is on course to being one of the worst number 1 picks in the history of the NBA.

#6 Pick: Nerlens Noel  C   College Averages: 10.5PTS, 9.5REB, 4.4BLK, 1.6AST, 2.1STL
New Orleans Pelicans (traded to Philadelphia)
Kentucky (Fr.)                   Career NBA Averages: 9.9PTS, 8.1REB, 1.9BLK, 1.7AST, 1.8STL

SYNOPSIS: The leading candidate to go number 1 overall throughout most of his freshmen year at Kentucky, Noel injured himself in February, 2013. The torn ACL in his left knee ended his collegiate career and put his NBA aspirations up in the air. Luckily for Noel, Philadelphia and New Orleans made a trade with Philly drafting the player it always wanted. The 76ers were so cautious with him and his knee that Noel sat out his whole rookie year. It was a smart decision. Averaging 9.9PTS, 8.8REB, and 1.9BLK in 2014-15 Noel showed off his amazing athleticism.  Noel has shown more improvement during the early part of the 2015-16 season. Once Noel develops a reliable jump-shot or post move he has a chance to be a premier PF, as he is only 21 years old. His best days are clearly ahead of him.

#7 Pick: Ben McLemore  SG     College Averages: 15.9PTS, 5.2AST, 2AST, 1STL,
Sacramento Kings
Kansas (Fr.)                        Career NBA Averages: 10.5PTS, 2.9REB, 1.4AST, 0.7AST

SYNOPSIS: McLemore entered the 2013 NBA Draft as perhaps the best pure shooter among all the prospects. He showed marked improvement in his second year in Sacramento, averaging 12.1PTS and 3REB per game. More is expected of McLemore, however. If he can improve his ball-handling and passing he should see his numbers rise. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the 6’5″ 22 year old to be around an 18-20 point scorer in the NBA sooner probably than later. He is an important building block for the Kings organization.


Steven Adams playing defense

#12 Pick: Steven Adams  C           College Averages: 7.2PTS, 6.3REB, 2.BLK
Oklahoma City Thunder (from Toronto via Houston)
Pittsburgh (Fr.)                            Career NBA Averages: 5.3PTS, 4.7REB, 0.9BLK

SYNOPSIS: Adams made major strides in his games from his rookie season to second year. He nearly doubled his statistics in every category, averaging 7.7PTS and 7.5REB in just over 25 minutes per game. The New Zealand born 22 year old is still raw but is very athletic and physical. With Enes Kanter and Adams down low the Thunder have 2 nice young Centers for the long-term future. If he can improve his low-post moves look for Adams to make even more of a contribution to the Thunder.


#14 Pick: Shabazz Muhammad  SG/SF    College Averages: 17.9PTS, 5.3, REB
Utah Jazz (traded to Minnesota)
UCLA (Fr.)                                                      Career NBA Averages: 8.7PTS, 2.8REB

SYNOPSIS: Rivals.com number one ranked player in the class of 2012, Muhammad was considered a”can’t miss” prospect. Then his freshmen year at UCLA started. Although Muhammad played well he didn’t show the game that had scouts drooling in high school. It also came out that he was an old 19 while playing his senior year. Still, Minnesota took a chance and are patiently waiting for the payoff. Playing in only 37 games as a rookie, in 2014-15 Muhammad averaged 13.5PTS in 38 games before spraining his MCL in April. He was out the rest of the season. This is a very important season for the once highly touted prospect and must show enough to entice Minnesota to keep him in their future plans.


#29 Pick: Archie Goodwin  SG   College Averages: 14.1PTS, 4.6REB,  2.7AST, 1.1STL
Oklahoma City Thunder (traded to Phoenix via Golden State)
Kentucky (Fr.)                               Career NBA Averages: 4.6PTS, 1.7REB, 0.7AST

SYNOPSIS: Another first round pick from the University of Kentucky, Goodwin just snuck into the first round and ended up with a guaranteed contract. A 6’5″ shooting guard Goodwin should have stayed at Kentucky where he could improve his defense and ball-handling ability. As it stands now he averages around 10-15 minutes a night coming off the Phoenix bench. If he can improve his ball-handling ability where he can play some minutes at the PG position, it will most certainly help Goodwin’s career.


#40 Pick: Grant Jerrett PF

College Averages: 5.2PTS, 3.6REB
Portland Trail Blazers (traded to Oklahoma City)
Arizona (Fr.)          Career NBA Averages: 2PTS, 1.1REB, 8 CAREER NBA GAMES

SYNOPSIS: A high school superstar who was ranked as high as the number 9 player in the class by one publication, Jerrett started a total of 2 games in college. Yet, he still declared for the NBA Draft and was selected. The downfall. He lasted a mere 8 games in the NBA before being waived in October. Another sad case of a player who should have stayed in college. Instead he is just another basketball vagabond trying to make it somewhere.

#43 Pick: Ricky Ledo  SG         College Averages: INELIGIBLE, DID NOT PLAY
Milwaukee Bucks (traded to Dallas via Philadelphia)
Providence (Fr.)                         Career NBA Averages: 3.9PTS, 1.4REB, 0.8AST


Ricky Ledo

SYNOPSIS: Regarded by many analysts as a top 20 high school prospect in the country , Ledo was deemed academically ineligible for not having enough credits. Despite never suiting up at Providence College, Ledo was deemed good enough to be an NBA selection. A 6’7″ shooting guard he has played in a total of 28 games for Detroit ad New York. He is currently playing in the NBA D-League. Don’t count Ledo out from making a return to the NBA. What he needs is to play and the D-League will afford him that opportunity. I personally expect Ricky Ledo to be back in the NBA at some point this season.



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Article was originally published on December 3, 2015



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