The following article will entail how the specific players fared in college and how he is fairing in the NBA at the present moment, or in some cases playing overseas and even retired. In-depth profiles on each player will be presented. The player’s freshmen statistics will be provided as well as their career NBA averages in particular categories. Here is our “One And Done College Basketball Players” for the 2014 NBA Draft.


#1 Pick: Andrew Wiggins  SG/SF  College Averages: 17.1PTS, 5.9REB, 1.5AST, 1.2STL
Cleveland Cavaliers
Kansas (Fr.)                                Career NBA Averages: 16.9PTS, 4.6REB, 2.1AST, 1STL

andrew wiggins

Andrew Wiggins guarding LeBron James

SYNOPSIS: Widely regarded as the most talented player to enter the NBA since LeBron James in 2003, Wiggins had a solid if not very solid rookie year. The 6’8″ born Canadian is perhaps already the best athlete in the NBA and at only 20 years old, the future is as bright as any player in the world. The knock on Wiggins was his jump shot and ball handling, but through the first 10 games of the 15-16 season, it looks like he has improved in both areas. Wiggins has potential to lead the NBA in scoring in a few years. The sky is the limit and an All-Star caliber 2015-16 season is not out of the question.

#2 Pick: Jabari Parker  SF     College Averages: 19.1PTS, 8.7REB, 1.2AST, 1.1STL
Milwaukee Bucks
Duke (Fr.)                              Career NBA Averages: 12.3PTS, 5.5REB, 1.7AST, 1.2STL

SYNOPSIS: Parker was just getting his footing in the league before a torn ACL ended his rookie campaign prematurely. Comparisons to Carmelo Anthony have surrounded Parker since High School. While that comparison looks to an unfair one to Parker, he has come back in 15-16 to play 22 minutes a night in the 5 games he has played this year. Parker has solid players around him in Milwaukee so the Bucks management can be patient with his recovery. While the jury is out on Parker becoming an elite player, all of the skills in Parker’s body are there to become one.   


#3 Pick: Joel Embiid  C                       College Averages: 11.2PTS, 8.1REB, 2.6BLK
Philadelphia 76ers
Kansas (Fr.)                   Career NBA Averages: HAS NOT PLAYED IN AN NBA GAME

SYNOPSIS: Embiid is the perfect case of basketball general managers playing a game of roulette within their organization. The name Hakeem Olajuwon kept coming up during Embiid’s one year at Kansas. The footwork, athletic ability, shooting touch. Embiid seems to have it all but just can’t stay healthy. Now instead of being compared to Olajuwon, Embiid is compared to Greg Oden. If Embiid can ever get healthy, he is still young enough to carve out a fairly productive role on an NBA team.

#4 Pick: Aaron Gordon  PF                 College Averages: 12.4PTS, 8REB
Orlando Magic
Arizona (Fr.)                                            Career NBA Averages: 5.2PTS, 3.6REB


aaron gordon

Aaron Gordon shooting

Arguably the 2nd best athlete besides Wiggins of anybody from the 2014 class, Gordon is an athletic rebounder with a very weak jump shot. While it has improved a little bit in the beginning of this season, in order to be considered an above average Power Forward, his shot must develop. The current elite Power Forwards can shoot from at least mid-range( called stretch fours), as they bring the other teams PF out from underneath the basket. Gordon’s rebounding and defense will play as an eventual starter in the NBA, but his shooting will determine just how good he becomes.



#7 Pick: Julius Randle  PF               College Averages: 15PTS, 10.4REB
Los Angeles Lakers
Kentucky (Fr.)                                     Career NBA Averages: BROKE LEG 1ST GAME OF 2014-15 SEASON, 2015-16STATS: 11.7PTS, 9.3REB, 2.2AST

SYNOPSIS: Another casualty of the injury bug in this draft class, Randle has recovered very nicely and looks to be a mainstay in the Lakers rotation for years after Kobe Bryant retires. A very smooth 6’9″ lefty shooting PF, Randle has added improved ball handling to his repertoire. A fierce rebounder who spent one year at Kentucky, he compares favorably to a young Memphis Grizzlies Zach Randolph. Randle possibly even has more upside then Randolph, who has been an All-Star in the NBA because of Randle’s quickness as a Power Forward. The future looks very bright.

#9 Pick: Noah Vonleh PF                        College Averages: 11.3PTS, 9REB, 1.4BLK
Charlotte Hornets (from Detroit)
Indiana (Fr.)                                                Career NBA Averages: 3.3PTS, 3.4REB


Noah Vonleh (in red)

SYNOPSIS: Vonleh is the perfect case of a player who needed to stay in college at least one more year who entered a weak draft class and became a top 10 pick. Nowhere near ready to play significant minutes at the NBA level, Vonleh has to learn on the job instead of still being in college learning the game while improving. While he offers a nice package with a 6’10” body to go along with fluid athleticism, the body at this point doesn’t match up to the game and it may take years before it ever does.




#13 Pick: Zach LaVine  SG                  College Averages: 9.4PTS, 2.5REB, 1.8AST
Minnesota Timberwolves
UCLA (Fr.)                                           Career NBA Averages: 10.1PTS, 2.8REB, 3.6AST

SYNOPSIS: It is hard to imagine a player being drafted as high as Levine as not even being a starter on his college team, which was UCLA. He is a case of a player who’s game projects more on the NBA level then college given his supreme athletic ability. While Levine needs to greatly improve his shooting, the god-given ability to be a very good NBA player is there. The winner of the 2015 slam dunk contest, the 6’5″ point guard is still learning the nuisances of the NBA game. With that being said, he has shown significant improvement in his second season. Levine is currently averaging 14.4PTS, 3.8REB, and 3.9AST in the early going of the 2015-16. If he keeps showing that improvement it may make the Timberwolves starting PG, Ricky Rubio become expendable. The hope for Minnesota is Levine eventually takes over the role and forms a big 3 along with future NBA stars, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Andrew Wiggins.


James Young of the Boston Celtics

#17 Pick: James Young  SG/SF     College Averages: 14.3PTS, 4.3REB, 1.7AST
Boston Celtics (from Brooklyn)
Kentucky (Fr.)                                  Career NBA Averages: 3.4PTS, 1.4REB, 0.4AST

SYNOPSIS: A teammate of the number 7 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft Julius Randle, Young is a 6’6 lefty with a beautiful shooting stroke. Unfortunately for him, he needs to greatly improve the other aspects of his game, primarily ball-handling. Celtics head coach Brad Stevens thought Young needed to improve these aspects so he ended up playing a lot in the D-League during his rookie season. With Boston having a lot of depth up-and-down their roster playing time is not a given. Young has been back and forth with the Celtics and their D-League team, putting his Boston Celtics career in jeopardy. Young has the ability to be a productive NBA player. He needs to continue to work on his flaws, be patient and hopefully his chance comes, with Boston or another NBA franchise.

#18 Pick: Tyler Ennis  PG      College Averages: 12.9PTS, 3.4REB, 5.5AST, 2.1STL
Phoenix Suns (from Washington)
Syracuse (Fr.)                          Career NBA Averages: 3.7PTS, 1.1REB, 2.2AST

SYNOPSIS: A surprise phenomenal freshmen year led the Canadian-born Ennis declare for the 2014 NBA Draft. A heady play-maker, it is clear Ennis lacks the overall speed and quickness needed of upper-tier NBA point guards. Ennis played 8 games with Phoenix before getting traded on February 19, 2015 to the Milwaukee Bucks. Ennis is currently averaging 3.8PTS, 1.7REB, and 1.2AST per game, while playing behind starting PG Michael Carter Williams. The best hope for Ennis is that he becomes a solid backup point guard in the NBA.


What NBA legend would you compare Andrew Wiggins to?

What do you think about the One and Done Players in this draft class?

Who is your favorite player that was reviewed in this article?

Do you think Joel Embiid will ever recover from his injuries and become a good NBA player?

If you have any questions please put them in the comment section.


Article was originally published December 4, 2015





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