Karl-Anthony Towns


Karl-Anthony Towns


The following article will entail how the specific players fared in college and how he is fairing in the NBA at the present moment, or in some cases playing overseas and even retired. In-depth profiles on each player will be presented. The player’s freshmen statistics will be provided as well as their career NBA averages in particular categories. Here is our “One And Done College Basketball Players” for the 2015 NBA Draft.

 Article was originally published December 4. 2015

Players who did not play in college are excluded from this list.

Kristaps Porzingis, Mario Hezonja, Emmaunel Mudiay, are First Round Draft Picks but are excluded because they did not attend college.



Karl-Anthony Towns at Kentucky University

#1 Pick: Karl-Anthony Towns  C/PF   College Averages: 10.PTS,6.7REB, 2.3BLK
Minnesota Timberwolves
Kentucky (Fr.)                                        Career NBA Averages: 13.9PTS, 9.2REB

SYNOPSIS: Karl-Anthony Towns is one of those rare players that come into the NBA ready to contribute at a high level. From the same New Jersey High School (St. Joseph,Metuchen, NJ) as former NBA players Jay Williams and Andrew Bynum, Towns will be a legitimate superstar in the NBA. Named Rookie of the Month this past November Towns game is remarkably polished for someone who only played 3 years of high school basketball (Towns reclassified to graduate early). Along with fellow teammate Andrew Wiggins, the Timberwolves have 2 legitimate future stars and building blocks on their roster. Towns is only scratching the surface of his potential. In a few Years barring injury, Towns will be a dominant force in the NBA. The clear best player in the 2015 NBA Draft.

#2 Pick:  D’Angelo Russell  PG          College Averages: 19.3PTS, 5.7REB, 5AST, 1.6STL
Los Angeles Lakers
Ohio State (Fr.)     Career NBA Averages: 10.7PTS, 4.6REB, 3.1AST

SYNOPSIS: Russell started off his NBA career slowly but has come on as of late. While he will be taking a backseat to Kobe Bryant’s retirement circus that will be heading to a town near you, Russell is the future of the Los Angeles Lakers. The 6’5″ PG is only 19 years old and just learning the NBA game. I fully expect Russell to shine next year when Kobe Bryant is no longer on the Lakers. Players with his height for a point guard along with his skill-set do not come around very often.


Jahlil Okafor

#3 Pick Jahlil Okafor  C                        College Averages: 17.3PTS, 8.3REB, 1.4BLK
Philadelphia 76ers
Duke (Fr.)                                                 Career NBA Averages: 17.2PTS, 8.1REB, 1.3AST

SYNOPSIS: One of the most ready college Centers to enter the NBA in at least a decade, Okafor has put up impressive numbers for the lowly 76ers. Okafor recently got into trouble while being involved in a street fight after a game in Boston (suspended 2 games for the incident). While only 19 years old he needs to show maturity as people will be taunting him and the team he plays on. As the future of the Philadelphia organization a lot rides on him staying out of trouble off the court. On the court Okafor will be fine and has the chance to become one of the top 3 Eastern Conference best Centers by next year.

#8 Pick: Stanley Johnson  SF     College Averages: 13.8PTS, 6.5REB, 1.7AST, 1.5STL
Detroit Pistons
Arizona (Fr.)         Career NBA Averages: 8.5PTS, 3.9REB, 1.2AST

SYNOPSIS: “Fierce Competitor”. Those are the 2 words that come to my mind when speaking about Stanley Johnson. Already playing very solid minutes and in the middle of the Pistons rotation, Johnson has a good chance of developing into an outstanding and potential future All-Star. Already a terrific defender once he improves his shooting he will be regarded as a top Small Forward in the NBA. Looking ahead a few years, I believe the 6’7″, 19 year old can be the “steal” of this draft at the number 8 selection and some teams who were picking ahead will be knocking themselves for not drafting him.


#10 Pick: Justise Winslow  SG/SF      College Averages: 12.6PTS, 6.5REB, 2.1AST, 1.3STL
Miami Heat
Duke (Fr.)    Career NBA Averages: 6.8 PTS, 5.3REB, 1.6AST

SYNOPSIS: I love what Justice Winslow brings to the court. A do-everything type of player Winslow, will do whatever it takes to win. While it might not show up in the box score, the 6’7″ Houston, Texas native will defend, dive on the floor for loose balls, deflect passes, etc.. While not great at anyone thing he is very good at a lot of those things. He will be a really good NBA player once he matures and plays a few more seasons. A very good pick for the Miami Heat.


Myles Turner shooting a 3 pointer

#11 Pick: Myles Turner  C      College Averages: 10.1PTS, 6.5REB, 2.6BLK
Indiana Pacers
Texas (Fr.)             Career NBA Averages: 6.1PTS, 2.9REB

SYNOPSIS: A slender 6’10” 243 pound Center , Turner is considered more of an outside perimeter threat than an inside player. Known for a very good jump-shot, for Turner to be a real factor in the NBA he must get stronger. At only 19 years old there is plenty of time for that. A player with high upside, Turner had an up and down 1 year stay while at the University of Texas. The potential is all there for the Texas native. How good he eventually becomes will be determined by how much stronger he can get so that he can be a legit inside presence at the NBA level.



#12 Pick: Trey Lyles  PF        College Averages: 8.7PTS, 5.2REB, 1.1AST
Utah Jazz
Kentucky (Fr.)   Career NBA Averages: 2PTS, 2.1REB, 0.2AST

SYNOPSIS: Another first round pick from the extremely talented 2014-2015 University of Kentucky roster, Lyles is a 6’10 250 pound jump shooter at this stage of his early NBA career. Struggling to get minutes with the Utah Jazz, Lyles is a work in progress. As with many One and Done College basketball players he would have been better served staying another year in college. With that said it is hard for a teenager to turn down the money that being a high NBA draft pick entails. The Canadian born PF must get physically stronger to have an impact this season and future seasons ahead. He has the natural talent to be a productive NBA player in time.


#15 Pick: Kelly Oubre Jr.  SG                      College Averages: 9.3PTS, 5REB, 1.1STL
Atlanta Hawks (from Brooklyn, traded to Washington)
Kansas (Fr.)                                                      Career NBA Averages: 3.2PTS, 1.4REB

SYNOPSIS: Oubre Jr. has struggled to see minutes so far in his rookie season playing behind a lot of veterans that are in Washington’s rotation. The 6’7″ lefty is a very good athlete but needs refinery in ball-handling, shooting, and defense. That is a lot for a 19 year old to work on when you don’t see playing time. That is when a player’s work ethic is tested. Are you working on your game before practice? After practice? Before games? Since Oubre Jr. will likely be relegated to end of the bench duties this season it is imperative he shows the Wizards an excellent work ethic with a willingness to get better.


#17 Pick: Rashad Vaughn  SG                         College Averages: 17.8PTS, 4.8REB, 1.6AST
Milwaukee Bucks
UNLV (Fr.)                                                         Career NBA Averages: 2.9PTS, 1.0REB

SYNOPSIS: A surprise early entree into the 2015 NBA Draft Vaughn is considered to have a very good jump shot with excellent form. He hasn’t received much playing time, mostly due to the amount of talent Milwaukee has obtained in the last few seasons. A demotion to the NBA D-League might be the best option for Vaughn, as he needs to be on the court playing in order to get better.



Tyus Jones with the Minnesota Timberwolves

#24 Pick: Tyus Jones  PG    College Averages:11.8PTS, 5.6AST, 3.5REB, 1.5STL
Cleveland Cavaliers (traded to Minnesota)
Duke (Fr.)          Career NBA Averages: 0.5PTS, 0.5REB, 0.5AST

SYNOPSIS: Jones was the hero during Duke’s run to the NCAA Championship last season as he was named the NCAA Basketball Tournament Most Outstanding Player. Jones made big play after big play, which Minnesota thought enough of him that they made a trade with the Chicago Bulls to acquire him. That was college. This is the NBA. The 6’2″ 19 year old is struggling to get playing time as Ricky Rubio and rising 2nd year player Zach Levine are ahead of him on the depth chart. Jones might be best served going to the NBA D-League and playing instead of being stuck on an NBA bench. Jones has a future in the NBA. It just isn’t this year.

#29 Pick: Chris McCullough  PF           College Averages: 9.3PTS, 6.9REB, 2.1BLK
Brooklyn Nets (from Atlanta)
Syracuse (Fr.)              Career NBA Averages: NO STATS, INJURED

SYNOPSIS: Tearing his ACL in midway through his freshmen year at Syracuse University, McCullough still opted to enter the 2015 NBA Draft. Being drafted in the first round shows what kind of potential he has considering he will miss most or all of his rookie year. Whenever he returns, playing time awaits the Power Forward as the Nets are one of the worst teams in the NBA and can use all the talent they can get. The key is for McCullough to get healthy.

#30 Pick:  Kevon Looney  PF         College Averages: 11.6PTS, 9.2REB, 1.4AST, 1.3STL, 0.9BLK
Golden State Warriors
UCLA (Fr.)                                         Career NBA Averages: NO STATS, INJURED


Kevon Looney shooting while at UCLA

SYNOPSIS: A surprise standout at UCLA last season, Looney is an impressive looking youngster. Unfortunately, he underwent hip surgery to repair a torn labrum, which is usually a 4-6 month recovery. Looney ended up in a good place with Golden State where he wouldn’t compete for playing time with such a talented roster. Looney can slowly work his way back from his injury. He might be a candidate for the D-League when he returns, which might be a good thing. He will need to work off the rust. However, the future seams bright for the 19 year old.


Do you think Karl-Anthony Towns is a potential MVP candidate in 2 seasons?

Will D’Angelo Russell live up to the expectations of the next Los Angeles Lakers great player?

Does Stanley Johnson have the potential to be an elite NBA Small Forward?

What do you think about the One and Done Players in this draft class?

Who is your favorite player that was reviewed in this article?

Who player that was reviewed in this article do you think will have the best NBA career?






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  1. Phil Statile says:

    This guys is gonna be a beast in the NBA

  2. Hello Phil,
    I believe you are referring to Karl-Anthony Towns. Yes, he has the potential to be a perennial NBA All-STAR. Big men with this ability and athleticism do not come around very often.

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