John Wall


John Wall


The following article will entail how the specific players fared in college and how he is faring in the NBA at the present moment, or in some cases playing overseas and even retired. In-depth profiles on each player will be presented. The player’s freshmen year statistics will be provided as well as their career NBA averages in particular categories. Here is our “One And Done College Basketball Players” for the 2010 NBA Draft.

Article was originally published on 12/2/15


john wall

John Wall

#1 Pick: John Wall PG                          College Averages:   16.6PTS, 6.5AST, 4.3 REB, 1.8 STL
Washington Wizards
Kentucky (Fr.)                                        Career NBA Averages: 17.6PTS, 8.7AST, 4.4REB, 1.6STL

SYNOPSIS: Wall started his NBA career slowly while dealing with the injury bug. However, the 6’4″ point guard broke out in 2013 and is now a 2-time All-Star with many more in his future. Perhaps the fastest player in the league with the ball in his hands, he is the cornerstone of the Washington franchise. Along with SG Bradley Beal, the Wizards have perhaps the most talented back-court in the league.

#3 Pick: Derrick Favors PF             College Averages: 12.4PTS, 8.4REB, 2.1BLK
New Jersey Nets
Georgia Tech (Fr.)                          Career NBA Averages: 10.9PTS, 7.2REB, 1.7BLK

SYNOPSIS: Favors was part of a 2011 trade with the Utah Jazz, with Jazz point guard Deron Williams being the centerpiece of the deal.  Favors really came into his own last year with averages of 16pts, 8.2reb, and 1.7blk a game. The 6’10” 24 year old is part of an up and coming Utah team and signed a lucrative 4 year deal in 2013. If Favors continues developing at the offensive end he can be a possible All-Star even in the talent-laden Western Conference.


#5 Pick: DeMarcus Cousins C  College Averages: 15.1PTS, 9.8 REB, 1.8BLK
Sacramento Kings
Kentucky (Fr.)                           Career NBA Averages: 18.9PTS, 10.6REB, 1.1BLK, 2.6AST, 1.4STL


DeMarcus Cousins

SYNOPSIS: Considered the second best overall talent in the 2010 draft class, Cousins dropped because of character concerns. Those concerns became reality in his first couple of seasons with continuous clashes with coaches as well as his own teammates. On the floor, Cousins is one of the top Centers in the league. Remarkable talent oozes out of his 6’11”, 270 pound frame. Extremely agile for a man his size with a beautiful shooting touch as well as a rebounding machine, the one time All-Star’s biggest enemy is himself. If he can stay on the straight and narrow, the man they call “Boogie” will be the best Center in the NBA sooner rather than later.

#12 Pick: Xavier Henry SG            College Averages: 13.4PTS, 4.4REB, 1.5AST, 1.5STL
Memphis Grizzlies
Kansas (Fr.)                                   Career NBA Averages: 5.7PTS, 1.9REB,

SYNOPSIS: Henry is a case of a team drafting potential and hoping that it will develop. In Henry’s case it was obvious he need more seasoning at the collegiate level. #3 ranked overall player in the class of 2009, Henry was a bench-warmer his first 3 years playing for Memphis and New Orleans. A trade to the Lakers seamed like a step in the right direction as he averaged 10pts a game in the 43 games he played in. Multiple injuries soon after has derailed his NBA hopes and is now in the NBA D-League playing for Golden State’s affiliate team (Santa Cruz Warriors)

eric bledsoe w clips 2nd year

Eric Bledsoe while playing for Los Angeles Clippers

#18 Pick: Eric Bledsoe PG                  College Averages: 11.3PTS, 3.1REB, 2.9AST, 1.4STL
Oklahoma City Thunder (from Miami, traded to LA Clippers)Now playing for the Phoenix Suns
Kentucky (Fr.)                                      Career NBA Averages: 10.8PTS, 3.5REB, 4.1AST, 1.3STL

SYNOPSIS: A former teammate of John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins at Kentucky, the 6’1″ Bledsoe is a solidly built point guard with very good quickness and a beautiful shooting stroke. A shoot first point guard, Bledsoe has averaged 17.7 and 17pts per game the last 2 years. The Suns have made him the cornerstone of the franchise when it signed him to a 5 year, 70 million dollar extension in September, 2014. A very solid basketball player.

#19 Pick: Avery Bradley PG            College Averages: 11.6PTS, 2.9REB, 2.1AST, 1.3STL
Boston Celtics
Texas (Fr.)                                       Career NBA Averages: 10.5PTS, 2.5REB, 1.5AST, 0.9STL

SYNOPSIS: The first words that come into my mind when evaluating Bradley is “ferocious defender”. While Bradley has averaged 14.9pts and 14pts the last 2 seasons it is on the defensive end where he has gained his notoriety. Generously listed at 6’2, Bradley plays a lot of minutes at the shooting guard position in which he guards the opposing teams best scorer on a nightly basis. While he will never be a star the former Texas Longhorn is a very solid player who inked a 4 year, 32 million dollar contract this past July.

#29 Pick: Daniel Orton C     College Averages: 3.4PTS, 3.3REB, 1.4BLK, 13.2 MIN PER GAME
Orlando Magic
Kentucky (Fr.)               Career NBA Averages: 2.8PTS, 2.5REB, 52 TOTAL NBA GAMES PLAYED

SYNOPSIS: The 4th first round pick from Kentucky (out of 5), Orton was a role player who only averaged a little over 13 minutes a game during his one year in Lexington. It was obvious by that statistic alone that he was nowhere near ready to be on an NBA roster. However, you can’t teach height (6’10”) and athleticism as NBA general managers will always take a chance on those attributes with the feeling being that they can be coached up. Unfortunately for Orton you need to have some skills, which he has very little of. Playing for 3 different teams in 3 seasons it looked like the gamble did not pay off. Orton has been out of the league since 2014 and is now playing in the NBA D-League with the Warriors affiliate team (Santa Cruz Warriors).

#33 Pick: Hassan Whiteside C            College Averages: 13.1PS, 8.9REB, 5.4BLK (LED THE COUNTRY)
Sacramento Kings, Now plays for the Miami Heat
Marshall (Fr.)                                          Career NBA Averages: 9.8PTS, 8.4REB, 2.5 BLK, 82 TOTAL GAMES PLAYED IN THE NBA

SYNOPSIS: As Daniel Orton was the case of a player with the physical attributes to not pan out, Whiteside is the extreme opposite. The 7-foot Center played a total of 19 games in his first 2 years in the league (Sacramento Kings). After the Kings released him he headed to the NBA D-League. After a short stint in the D-League the Chinese league was the next stop. Playing in China was the best thing to happen to the 26 year old from Marshall University. He dominated. In November 2014, the Miami Heat came calling. What happened in the 48 games he played with the Heat is why it is important to never give up on a dream. Whiteside was one of the biggest surprises in the whole NBA during the 2014-15 season. Whiteside was a force on the defensive end and has continued his excellent play so far early in the 2015-16 season. He is now considered a major building block for Miami. A true late bloomer who still has not reached his full potential.

#40 Pick: Lance Stephenson SG         College Averages: 12.3PTS, 5.4 REB,
Indiana Pacers, Charlotte Hornets, Now plays for the Los Angeles Clippers
Cincinnati (Fr.)                                     Career NBA Averages: 8.9PTS, 4.5REB, 3.3AST


Lance Stephenson while playing for University of Cincinnati

SYNOPSIS:  Stephenson has been highly touted since he was a teenager at Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, NY. Attending the same high school as former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury and current NBA player Sebastian Telfair, the spotlight has always been on Stephenson. A case can be made that too much pressure was put on the player who’s nickname is “Born Ready”. At 6’5″ and 230 pounds Stephenson is the type of player that can drive fans, coaches, players, and general managers crazy. Listed as a SG and SF but can also play PG, Lance Stephenson should be an annual All-Star. Standing in the way of that is an inconsistent jump shot but more importantly, severe maturity issues. After an outstanding 2014 postseason with the Indiana Pacers (Averaging 13.8pts, 7.1reb, 4.4ast) it seemed as he was on the verge of the expected breakout. After a disappointing 2014-15 with the Charlotte Hornets, he was traded June 1, 2015 to the Clippers for Spencer Hawes and Matt Barnes. The talent has always been there. The question is if he will ever mature enough to play to his enormous potential.

#47 Pick: Tiny Gallon PF        College Averages:  10.3PTS, 7.9 REB
Milwaukee Bucks
Oklahoma (Fr.)                       Career NBA Averages: Waived before playing in an NBA game

SYNOPSIS: Don’t you ever wonder who is advising these NBA hopefuls? The fact Gallon was drafted was a mystery in itself. If he stayed in college another year or 2 he might have stuck in the NBA. Instead he never saw the floor in a regular season NBA game. After being waived before the start of his rookie season Gallon is a basketball vagabond. He is currently playing in China and probably thinking about the bad decision he made entering the draft.

Article was originally published on 12/2/15


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