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JULY 14, 2016


Anthony Bennett signs with the Brooklyn Nets: 2-years, Veteran’s minimum

OUR TAKE: DECENT-  The number 1 overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft has been a massive disappointment in his career. He came into his rookie year out of shape and got hurt. He’s been on a few teams and has played in the D-League.

However, for a Nets team that will be horrible next season, this is a chance for Bennett to actually receive a decent amount of playing time with hopes of rejuvenating his career. It also might be his last chance. If he can’t play for Brooklyn then his NBA career will be over. Can the Nets get anything out of Bennett, who does have talent?

Article Pic Headline Manu Ginobili

Manu Ginobili

Manu Ginobili re-signs with the San Antonio Spurs: 1-year, $14-million dollars

OUR TAKE: GOOD- The 76ers were rumored to offer the potential Hall of Famer a 2-year, $30-million dollar contract. The best 6th man in NBA history declined and decided to stay with the only organization he has ever known. While his career is nearing the end and injuries have curtailed his last few years, Ginobili is as clutch a player as there is. He also happens to be a class act who fits in perfectly with the Spur’s team chemistry.

Anderson Varejao re-signs with the Golden State Warriors: 1-year, $1.55-million dollars ( Veteran’s minimum)

OUR TAKE: DECENT- The 33-year old PF/C is coming back to the Warriors after signing with them in March. While he is past his prime, Varejao is a cheap signing who will fill out the roster and can provide solid defense in limited spurts. He is an excellent teammate. The Brazilian-born Varejao is a fierce competitor who in his prime was a very good player. He will play a small role in the grand scheme next season but is a good player to have.


Terrence Jones

Terrence Jones signs with the New Orleans Pelicans: 1-year, $1.5-million dollars

OUR TAKE: VERY GOOD- We love this deal for New Orleans. Jones is very talented, although enigmatic. If he can play under control and be more consistent, he has a chance for a breakout season. He is out from under James Harden and Dwight Howard’s spell in Houston and will have plenty of opportunities to thrive with the Pelicans. In our opinion, this is one of the better low cost signings any NBA team has made this season. Jones is only 24-years old and has averaged 10.4 points per game in his 4 NBA seasons.

Quincy Acy signs with the Dallas Mavericks: 2-years, Veteran’s minimum

OUR TAKE: DECENT- The 6’7″ small forward will be on his 4th NBA team when next season starts. He played well when he was with the Knicks 2 years ago. He will be a role player in Dallas who can provide solid defense with the occasional scoring. He does a good job of doing the dirty work and is a gritty player. This is another low-cost, fill out the roster move by an NBA team.


JULY 15, 2016


Dario Saric signs with the Philadelphia 76ers: Rookie contract

OUR TAKE: VERY GOOD- Saric was the 76ers first round pick in 2014 who stayed overseas and is now coming over to the U.S. The 6’10 PF is very skilled and will give head coach Brett Brown another young, talented big-man to utilize. It will be very interesting how all the front-court players all fit together.


Cleveland traded PF Sasha Kaun to the Philadelphia 76ers. Cleveland gets the rights to Chuk Maduabum.

OUR TAKE: This move was made for the Cavaliers to clear enough space to sign Chris “Birdman” Anderson. Kaun will be another big-man for the 76ers, although we aren’t sure if he will receive a lot of playing time, unless the 76ers trade a front-court player. The Cavaliers bring back a fan favorite in Anderson.