Coming tomorrow, Thursday, 8-4-16 (THE ZEN PLAN)

On Thursday, August 4, 2016, we will be publishing a new featured article titled “The Zen Plan”. We will be going in-depth about the New York Knicks 2016 free agent spending spree as well as the trade for Derrick Rose.

General Manager Phil Jackson is arguably the greatest head coach in NBA history. He won 11 NBA world titles with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. However, the job he has done as the New York Knicks general manager the last 3 seasons is up for serious debate.

Jackson knew things had to change so he went on a very expensive shopping spree during the first 2 weeks of this years free agency period. “The Zen Master”  also traded for a former NBA MVP in point guard Derrick Rose.

Join us tomorrow as we go in-depth on the current state of the new look Knicks roster and what their future holds.

We will publish “THE ZEN PLAN” on Thurs., August 4 at 9am.

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