Hello, my name is Rob Giannotti; I am the owner of the website www.inthegymrange.com. The site covers the high school, college, and NBA basketball landscape. We provide knowledge and information for people who like basketball. We cover the 3 above areas through in-depth articles and blogs. The main goal is to provide productive and informative knowledge about the great sport that is basketball.

I grew up in Northern New Jersey. While I was growing up, I played basketball and baseball. I played baseball for 1 year in college until I realized that it would be too hard to concentrate on athletics and academics. However, I never lost my love of sports. Luckily for me, in the area where I live just happens to be the mecca of high school basketball. Within a 20-mile radius, you will be able to find a game where a number of future Division 1 players are playing.

My love for the game of basketball started really young because of where I lived. I would spend many nights playing and watching basketball, mimicking the players I just saw in person or on T.V. I was the kid in school who knew everything about the college and pro players and was the person to ask if there was a question.

The main reason I started this website is because I want to share my passion for the sport and spread it with others. Everything that is posted on the website is very thorough and well thought-out. As previously mentioned, I want to go as in-depth as I can in order to provide the reader with as much information as possible. I hope you enjoy reading what is published.


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