NASSIR LITTLE 2019 NBA Draft Scouting Report


HEIGHT: 6’6″








  • Lengthy, well-built wing (6’6″ with a 7’1 wingspan) with a frame that can fill out even more
  • Very good athlete who can attack the basket going downhill, and use his athleticism to finish strong at the rim
  • Not afraid to unleash his pull-up three, which is becoming more and more consistent
  • Leverages his strong vertical leap into offensive rebounds and put-backs
  • High-energy defender who will press the guy he’s defending into bad shots and/or turnovers
  • 2-way player/Can impact a game on both ends of the court



  • More of a scorer/finisher than a play-maker or facilitator, not someone whom you can necessarily run the offense through
  • Loves to take the three, but there’s still work to do for this to be a reliable weapon
  • Not especially fluid with the ball in his hands
  • Will need coaching to ensure that he remains completely focused and motivated


As a consensus top-10 recruit in the star-studded 2018 high school recruiting class, forward Nassir Little might be one of the best pure basketball talents to come through Chapel Hill in years. If he continues on his current trajectory, he will be highly coveted by NBA types, because of what he projects to: a thick-bodied wing player who can legitimately play at three spots on the floor.

Little is a well-above-average athlete with long limbs, both of which he leverages amply in his game. He can launch (and make) jump shots out to three-point range above his defenders, post up guys his size in the paint, and generate a ton of second-chance opportunities in the paint thanks to his energy on the offensive boards. Further, his length and size are even more tantalizing because of the motor he’s shown on defense. He will smother guys with the basketball, forcing them into a lot of bad decisions.

There are some who’ll tell you that when they see Little, they see flashes of a Kawhi Leonard-type player. While the admittedly lofty comparison might not be that far-fetched, Little will need a coach who can keep him focused and committed to improvement to truly unlock all of his true potential. He’s made great strides from his high school days, even halfway through his freshman season in Chapel Hill, which speak to what he can become with further nurturing.

Due to the Tarheels current talent and depth, Little has been coming off the bench as the 6th man. Fans and critics of UNC are pulling for him to be in the starting lineup. To NBA scouts, this doesn’t matter at all. The former McDonald’s All-American is the best pro prospect on the team and currently projects as a top 10 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. We have really liked Little’s game since the first time we saw him in high school.

Little’s game is suited for the current NBA style of play. With his ability to affect games on both ends of the court, guard multiple positions, and an ever expanding offensive repertoire, Nassir Little shouldn’t have to wait long to hear his name called on draft night. He should have one of the easiest transitions from college to the NBA than anyone in the upcoming Draft. 




What current NBA player would you compare Nassir Little with?

What part of his game do you like the most?

Please leave all comments in the section below for further discussion. 





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  1. I’m not too familiar with basketball, but I love watching the games. This report is extremely informative for someone that wants to know more about a player and it sounds like you are quite the expert on determining this player’s skills. Sounds like they will do very well in the NBA.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      These scouting reports that we write on about college players will all be in the NBA next season. Some of them have the potential to be excellent players.


  2. Nasir Little definitely looks like the small forward prototype. He is a good finisher. He is a decent defender and can put pressure upon opponents. He is also a natural athlete and can outjump rivals for rebounds. I love the fact that he is not afraid to shoot the rock from wherever. Therefore, his shot isn’t consistant and you can’t depend on him to make plays for his team. He needs to improve his ball-handling skills as well. Anyway, keep dropping that good content. 

    1. Hi Jean,

      You definitely seem to know your basketball. His shot does need to improve as it does with most young players. I agree with your statements on his ball-handling as well. However, he does have a lot of natural talent and will improve as he gets older and gains experience. He is still only a freshman. I really like his game. It is suited for the NBA level better than the college fame, in my opinion.


  3. Good content. A basketball question. What makes him a better prospect than Miles Bridges? Little has been disappointing against higher competition. Shown some progress the last 2 games but ND played apot of zine and Miami has like 7 scholarship kids

    1. Hi Ray,
      Great question. In my opinion, Little is a better prospect. I think he has the footspeed and ability to defend multiple positions. Bridges is really a 4 who is trying to play the 3. I have more confidence in Little improving his outside shot more than Bridges, who I do like as a player. So the ability to defend multiple positions is really why I have him a little higher rated. Bridges tried converting to a 3 last year at MSU and struggled a bit. PS. I saw Bridges play in high school and he was definitely worthy of the praise.

  4. Nassir Little’s situation is very similar to another former UNC player who was a lottery pick as a freshman reserve — Marvin Williams (2005, second overall by Atlanta). Williams went to a Hawks team that was more like an expansion team and was rebuilding, which I feel hindered Williams’ development.

    Little will need to go to a team that has a coaching staff that can develop his talents and likely not to expect much in his first two seasons. Looking at the lottery teams and where some boards project Little to go, New Orleans may be the best choice. Alvin Gentry gets some credit for molding a more offensive-oriented, running team with the Pelicans and Little seems like a better open-floor player at this stage.

    1. Hi Michael,
      I love your comments in regards to Nassir Little. Little has really played well in the first 2 games of the NCAA Tournament. I have heard that he is slipping out of the lottery. In my opinion, that would be a good thing for him. Like you stated, he would end up on a team that made the playoffs the year before and doesn’t have to rush his development, like the Hawks and Marvin Williams situation. I still think Little will be a better pro than college player. If he gets an outside jumper, his style of play suits the modern NBA game very well.

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