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PLAYER SUMMARY: Dennis Smith Jr. was a consensus top 10 recruit in the class of 2016. Smith missed all of his senior season of high school basketball because of a torn acl. He enrolled at NC State early to continue his rehab. Judging by his play on the court so far this season, it looks like a great move.

The PG looks to be all the way back from his injury. He is showing his immense talent off during the first half of his freshmen campaign. We hold Smith in very high regard. We believe he is the most explosive point guard and player in college basketball today. He has that extra gear of explosiveness that is only seen by a handful of NBA point guards.

At 6’2″ and around 200 pounds, the freshmen has an NBA body. His first step is a sight to see as he is practically un-guardable one on one at the college level. It is rare to see a college PG play above the rim but Smith has that capability. This shows to us that he is 100% healthy from his injury. It also shows NBA scouts that he is a freak athlete at perhaps the most important position in basketball.

His ball-handling and passing ability are at an elite level already. He makes difficult passes look easy, although he can be careless with the ball at times, as most college PG’s do. What makes the Wolfpack star so good is his advanced offensive game. He can score from anywhere on the court.

He can get his shot off at any place on the court at anytime. He shows a vast array of offensive moves. The NBA is trending towards scoring point guards, which is why we believe he will eventually thrive at the next level. He has all the offensive moves in the book and once he becomes a more consistent shooter from long-range, he will be extremely difficult to guard. He will be dynamite in the pick and roll game at the next level due to his ability shooting, passing, and ability to get to the rim.

The future lottery pick is a very good rebounder for his position as well. While watching him this season, we see the potential for him to be a very good defender. He isn’t there as of this point, in our opinion. However, with his lateral quickness and overall athletic ability we don’t see this as a major problem down the road.

Smith is known to be an excellent leader who has the leadership characteristics that the great players have. Players gravitate towards him. These are traits that can’t be taught or coached. After fully evaluating his high school films and his college season up to this point, we don’t see many weaknesses. His long-range shooting and defense can improve.

It is extremely rare where we don’t highlight an individual player’s weaknesses. In the case of this player we don’t see many. We have always held the freshmen in high regard ever since we evaluated him in high school. Nothing has changed us from that stance. Barring a debilitating injury, we highly believe Dennis Smith Jr. will be a future star at the NBA level. He has everything you can ask for in a point guard.

In high school, we had Kyrie Irving/Steve Francis comparisons on him. After watching him in college he reminds us a lot of a young Derrick Rose, only with a better jump-shot at the same stage. He should hear his name called within the first 5 picks in the 2017 NBA Draft.

To read Dennis Smith Jr’s 2016 high school player profile, VIEW HERE.



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    1. Hi Dave,
      Dennis Smith Jr. might be one of the steals of the 2017 NBA Draft when all is said and done. I was very surprised that he was not a top 5 pick. He has everything a point guard needs to thrive at the NBA level. The future sure is bright for this young man.

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